We’ve Profited on 99% of Our REI Deals.
And we’ll work to help you profit too!


15 years... Thousands of properties.
To profit on nearly every one of the thousands of properties in which we've invested is a level of success that’s unparalleled in the real estate investing (REI) industry. And through the Ridgemoor Preferred Investor Program we’re willing to help you maximize profits on your transactions too.

Become one our our Preferred Investors, and you'll benefit from Ridgemoor's experience, knowledge and guidance without fees, without commissions and without a catch!

Find out how we profit from your success.

Preferred Investors enjoy a bounty of valuable and time-saving benefits, including:
Continuous supply of true wholesale properties that are not exposed to the open market
Our experienced investment and rehab team
Ongoing one-on-one guidance and investment strategies

Maximized profit
Because Ridgemoor deals in a volume that enables us to sell true wholesale properties to our Preferred Investors first. We're able to offer desirable real estate that has a greater potential for significant profit margins after repairs and/or updates. In fact, this year we're on pace to invest more than $25 million in single family, multi-family and commercial units in and around St. Louis.

Minimized risk
It's impossible to achieve our level of consistent success relying on the lightly-researched offerings of a multiple listing service (MLS). Our wholesale property purchases are multi-step processes designed to limit the “surprises” that often becomes the downfall of those who venture into REI full or part-time. And as you can gather from Ridgemoor’s nearly 100% success rate, it’s a facet of the process that we’ve mastered. Discover how Ridgemoor can match you with the right wholesale properties to meet your REI goals.

Increased income
Whether your goal is to invest in a couple of properties each year, or you’re ready to rehab a property or two each month, contact us today to learn how our preferred investors share in our success.

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