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Ridgemoor Properties founder Dave Harke has purchased thousands of St. Louis area properties during the past 15 years and has lost on less than 1% of those deals. That unprecedented success rate has certainly caught the attention of many property investors from all over the country.  Many of these real estate investors come to Dave after already paying others for coaching that didn’t properly prepare them.  So Dave and his team developed the Ridgemoor Preferred Investor Program to teach investors how to avoid and then recover from those everyday difficult situations that are all too common in the REI industry. 

Dave truly enjoyed helping these independent investors navigate through their problems and succeed.  So he established the to help his own clients.

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We would never tell you to do something we wouldn’t do ourselves. We would never recommend you work with a third party we wouldn’t be comfortable hiring ourselves. So not only do we provide our investors with step-by-step guidance based on 15 years of facing just about every situation you could possibly encounter, we basically hand over Ridgemoor’s database! It’s filled with dozens of trusted financial and insurance contacts, contractors and suppliers that can help our clients be efficient with their time and money, while minimizing risk and maximizing profit on each deal.

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